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  • by Matthew Bayan

BODY DROP release date: May 1

It's funny, but when THE FIRECRACKER KING came out 5 years ago, I immediately got bombarded with the big question: When will we see the sequel? I've spent most of the past 5 years telling readers that the book was a stand-alone. I would expect younger readers to want a series since that seems to be the trend recently, but I was surprised when older readers also kept asking about a series.

Never say never. Last year I had a vague idea for a sequel and wrote a few test chapters. In almost no time at all, I found myself immersed in the world I created in THE FIRECRACKER KING. I feel really comfortable in that world. And the words flowed.

So, against all my original instincts, the sequel, BODY DROP, will be released on May 1. And I'm thinking about a third book, so I will truly have a "series." Good golly, Miss Molly!

To allow catch-up for those who haven't read THE FIRECRACKER KING, there will be 5 days of free Kindle copies starting May 1 and going through May 5. You get two good reads for the price of one.

BODY DROP is available for Pre-Orders right now.

Click on the book cover below to visit my web site, then just click on the Amazon links.

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